Health and Fitness

Back to his old self

My husband has been trying to kick his unhealthy lifestyle for a number of years. Fast food in the office and no exercise. Because of eating junk at work and general inactivity, injuries were a regular occurrence as he would often struggle with a bad back. Enough was enough and he began having personal training sessions with Mark Hart. Mark devised a healthy eating plan for him which he has done well to stick to. My husband has also been going regularly to exercise sessions with Mark and was also advised to stretch in the mornings as soon as he rose from bed, to prevent injuries from happening. The transformation in this short period of time has been outstanding. Physically, there is a difference; he has lost weight and his posture is much better and I have noticed a difference emotionally with him, he is full of energy and more optimistic. Have a Hart Fitness really does cover all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, Mark really motivated my husband and has instilled a confident side into him that I haven't seen in years. He is back to his normal happy self.

This blog was posted Monday 20th November 2017 : 09.32 am

Personable learning experience

My friend won't stop talking about her time at this college. She had a career change from retail and started studying a Hairdressing course. She loved the fact the classes were kept relatively small as she felt that she got more one to one attention when learning. The teaching was more personable therefore being of a higher quality. It is often quite difficult to strike the right balance between professionalism and a pleasant, friendly learning experience. But going on what my friend has said, this college seems to have hit the nail on the head.

This blog was posted Thursday 12th October 2017 : 12.13 pm