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A Relaxed and Friendly Atmosphere

Normanhurst looks after a friend of mine who`s got dementia. He feels safe and comfortable within the home and the nurses are so kind and attentive. It has wonderful facilities and just feels like one big home. They respect the things he wants to do and the days when he doesn`t want to do much. He enjoys excellent food there and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

This blog was posted Monday 19th August 2019 : 10.05 am

Unblocking Hairdresser Basins

My friend was happy with the service from Ansell Plumbing last year. She is the owner of a hair salon and a couple of her wash basins were blocked - they thoroughly assessed the problem and got to work. They kindly unblocked the two basin drains and my friend was very happy with the service, price and not to mention, the outcome.

This blog was posted Thursday 27th June 2019 : 11.11 am

Needing a Dog Walker

My friend was needing a dog walker. She had heard that K9 Adventures were very good at helping with this. My friend`s dogs were picked up everyday from her house and taken to a lush part of the town where they were able to roam about free and run around. She was very pleased that this service was available and realised that it was very efficient and convenient for her. Thumbs up to K9 Adventures!

This blog was posted Tuesday 25th June 2019 : 09.16 am

Really Superb Result

Right from the outset, my son-in-law was pleased with how The Naked Tiler conducted himself and his business. He was thorough and he checked with my son-in-law to ensure that he was happy with how he proposed moving forwards. The tiler`s attention to detail and level of competence meant that he ended up with a really superb result. Maintaining a good level of communication ensured that no mistakes were made and that the outcome was exactly what was in mind.

This blog was posted Monday 24th June 2019 : 11.41 am

An Insight into Consumption Levels

My brother in law loves all things tech and gadget. He owns a Smart PV by Eco Eye Energy Monitors which is very responsive to changes in the solar generation or household load. It cuts in and out when the sun comes out from behind a cloud or the kettle goes on. He can now track the consumption of his activity via an online portal or through an app! He loves the control it gives him and the insight into his consumption levels.

This blog was posted Monday 24th June 2019 : 09.41 am


My manager wanted to have a summerhouse in her garden. She had a long winding garden and thought that she needed to make the most of it particularly in the summer months. My manager contacted Shop for Garden and they helped her decide from the various options that they had. There were some good designs available.

This blog was posted Tuesday 11th June 2019 : 09.30 am

Very satisfactory

My auntie needed some work doing on her holiday home's roof which is rented out for part of the year for additional income. The roof only needed some small repairs and fixes to it and was recommended the services of ASAP Roofing. This company was friendly and demonstrated great skills and quality workmanship. The team here are very approachable and professional. My auntie is very pleased with the work done.

This blog was posted Wednesday 5th September 2018 : 09.33 am

A true professional

My friend called Mrs Ovens after seeing her v company van driving around the local area. On arrival, she gave a detailed explanation of the process and the timeframe of the job at hand. She protected all of the surfaces around the oven and floor with her own materials, she then dismantled parts of the oven and gave it a professional thorough clean. My friend was surprised at the time it took the lady to clean her oven. She did such a great job, leaving my friends oven gleaming and smelling clean. She was courteous and kind, a true professional in her field.

This blog was posted Wednesday 13th December 2017 : 12.19 pm

Personable services

My sister was so grateful for the quick response from Sam Mercer Plumbing. They were polite and efficient on the phone and even nicer in person. They explained in simple terms what the problem with her plumbing was. She had been having plumbing problems which had been ongoing for a year. She has had several plumbing companies in to fix the problem but her leaky tap kept making an unwelcome return. Sam Mercer's company took the time to explain exactly what the problem was and how to keep it from re-occurring. She is pleased with the high quality of personable service and has kept their contact details although she hopes that she won't be seeing them too soon!rn

This blog was posted Friday 8th December 2017 : 02.14 pm

Commercial and domestic properties

SE Chimney Sweep are professionally trained and are certified and fully insured. They carry out many chimney services using specialist equipment and flue liners. My friend's chimney is now performing much better and is finally in good working order. He now uses this company on a regular basis to maintain his chimney and to keep it working properly as he uses his fireplace near enough every evening in the winter time to keep heating costs to a minimum. He also uses their services to maintain his commercial premises' fireplace and chimney flue as he was so impressed with the work they did on his domestic properties flue.

This blog was posted Tuesday 5th December 2017 : 12.16 pm