Sound advice

My sister's personal tax matters and returns have been efficiently looked after by Taxave Accountants for the last few years now. They are always quick to respond to her and happy to help. She was impressed by their depth of knowledge and also their customer service. She said that they go the extra mile and always provide her with sound advice.

This blog was posted Wednesday 10th October 2018 : 10.14 am

High level of trust

My partner has always been more than happy with the service that ETC Fire provides time and time again. He has called them in to carry out his fire extinguisher maintenance for the last few years running and is always left impressed with the level of service and friendly manner of the team. They are proactive in arranging appointments and are always thorough, diligent and enthusiastic when doing the job. He has recommended them to a number of people and always speaks highly of them. This is a company in which he holds high regards and has a high level of trust with.

This blog was posted Wednesday 29th November 2017 : 12.32 pm

Caring nature

My dad speaks highly of Reid Briggs Insurance Brokers. He has been with them for years and takes all of his insurance queries to them and every time they provide him with an affordable solution. Their genuine and caring nature ensures a thorough service every time. They always seem to provide a speedy and efficient service. My dad describes them as 'absolute pros in their field.' He is always recommending them.

This blog was posted Tuesday 7th November 2017 : 02.15 pm

Exceptional service

My husbands company has a seasonal newsletter sent out to all of his subscribed customers, keeping them in the loop with all of the new products as well as sometimes advertising job roles. He had a bit of a tough time with the previous printing company who use to do all the jobs for him. This was until they failed to meet the deadline twice in a row and he just couldn't take the chance with hold-ups and feeling as though his company was not a priority of theirs. He is so fortunate to have found Ocean Press, not only to produce their seasonal newsletter (on time!) but who manage of all of their printing needs from flyers to printed headed paper. This company will never leave you twiddling your thumbs when it comes to the deadline date. He feels he is in safe hands and they meet the deadline time and time again and sometimes beat the deadline and are early in finishing jobs. Exceptional service!

This blog was posted Tuesday 3rd October 2017 : 11.18 am