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I heard about Mrs T a few months ago and she certainly is a good Lanark bookkeeper.  I rely on her to keep all our accounting up to date (which means I can spend more time on the golf course).

This blog was posted Tuesday 13th January 2015 : 11.53 am

Eastbourne is a great place to find winter sun....

If you really want a nice place to stay in the UK with a great chance of winter sun, then check out the hotels eastbourne seafront has to offer.  We like the Arden because of its proximity to the Pier the beach, the shops, and just a short walk away - the theatres!

This blog was posted Monday 20th October 2014 : 10.48 am

St Ives is the Place for a brilliant holiday

All guest houses in st ives in Cornwall get the benefit of a superb holiday destination and Downsfield BnB certainly is a very cosy example.

This blog was posted Monday 20th October 2014 : 10.41 am

Great home improvements

If you're wanting home improvements Eastbourne's MM Property is one guy you should really ring. He's very skilled - just look at his portfolio.

This blog was posted Monday 14th July 2014 : 04.01 pm

Get CCTV here

It's great to know that you can get CCTV systems from these people. They are easy to order from too. 

This blog was posted Monday 14th July 2014 : 03.57 pm

Fun lessons from a good instructor.

When looking for a good driving instructor in Seaford, I found Graham Oliver and he was very friendly and an excellent safety conscious teacher who's lessons are also fun!

This blog was posted Monday 7th July 2014 : 11.24 am

When you need Coaching for Business

Andy Camfield is a Business Coach and gives a very effective service for Business coaching Sussex areas. He's a very experienced and no-nonsense business coach who takes the time to listen to you and we've found ourselves working much more efficiently since he came on board and really made us look at how we were working and made it more effective.  It's amazing how small changes in the way you work and look at a problem can make a difference.  Our company's future has been turned around!

This blog was posted Monday 7th July 2014 : 10.37 am

Superb builders in Eastbourne

Any kind of building is easily in the scope for these builders in Eastbourne. They've done some great work and are very proud of their skills at bricklaying and stonework. 

This blog was posted Friday 27th June 2014 : 10.36 am

Brilliant designs, lovely childrens curtains. What more can I say - except they arrived on time after ordering, and look great!

This blog was posted Friday 13th June 2014 : 02.51 pm

Excellent service

We needed to buy exactly the right production equipment and got some real help from here.  What an excellent service.

This blog was posted Thursday 29th May 2014 : 11.52 am

Every type of welding available here

It's not hard to find good local welders Eastbourne based Abelweld Mobile Welding have their own mobile workshop and come completely tooled up to fix any kind of welding job that's necessary - iron, steel, marine welding, fire escapes, boats, caravans, the lot!

This blog was posted Friday 9th May 2014 : 04.27 pm

Visual deterrence

We like these Fence Spikes - so easily fitted you can cut into them they are made of some sort of plastic material that's easily cut to size.  A good visual deterrent against intruders.

This blog was posted Thursday 1st May 2014 : 11.17 am

Convex Mirrors save lives!

I never thought that Convex Mirrors could make such a difference.  Now I can pull out into the road in complete safety knowing I can see all the blind spots.

This blog was posted Thursday 1st May 2014 : 11.08 am

Nice looking loft furniture made to fit

This was such a great idea! flat pack furniture that will go up in the loft, made to fit sloping ceilings.  How nice it looks too.

This blog was posted Friday 7th March 2014 : 12.13 pm

Keeping memories in a bottle

When you want a different kind of keepsake, I think keeping a memory in a bottle like this is a rather touching way of remembering someone special.

This blog was posted Wednesday 5th March 2014 : 02.14 pm

Like Death and Taxes....

Getting Landlords insurance is always tedious but it has to be done.  Keely from Reid Briggs is always a great help with this yearly bugbear... :-) 

This blog was posted Wednesday 5th March 2014 : 01.50 pm

Victoria House make lovely cakes!

When we went to visit Victoria House (one of the Care homes Polegate) we can thoroughly recommend their cook who made us some lovely cakes!

This blog was posted Monday 3rd March 2014 : 01.55 pm

Keep thieves away!

It's not difficult to deter thieves whether they are human or of the feathered or furred variety. The latest perimeter security products are very reasonable and easy to fit. And they work brilliantly!!

This blog was posted Thursday 30th January 2014 : 02.59 pm

Great service clearing rubble for us

When you want rubbish clearance Surrey way, try ASAP Waste Logistics. We were very grateful to them for their help at short notice to clear a load of rubble.

This blog was posted Friday 24th January 2014 : 04.08 pm

Brilliant idea these futons.  For our kids, when we wanted something they could jump on without breaking, the solid oak frames are excellent and will last the distance. 

This blog was posted Friday 24th January 2014 : 04.07 pm